Katherine “Kat” Breig

WCRCC 104x105 Owner ~ Broker

Let me be your …

Ad-vo-kāt’ n. (ad’ və kit or kāt’): one that supports or promotes the interest of another.

As Owner/Broker of AD-VO-CATE Real Estate Partners I am passionate about being of service to sellers and buyers in guiding them through the complex process of one of the biggest financial and life decision they will make. I help buyers and sellers successfully navigate the complex, high-stakes real estate market. In my current role, I draw from over 18+ years of experience as an REALTOR® in the Templeton, Paso Robles, Atascadero – San Luis Obispo County region, where I’ve cultivated strong relationships and built a business based on trust, respect, and my commitment to the highest standard of client care.

“AD-VO-CATE” is more than a company name – it’s a promise to my clients that represents my offering at the deepest level and reflects my core values as a business owner. When you do business with AD-VO-CATE Real Estate Partners, I become your ambassador, interpreter, and trusted advisor. I put my industry knowledge and professional expertise to work on your behalf, advocating for your best interest at every juncture of the sales process. Meeting the ever changing needs of sellers and buyers in an unpredictable market has compelled me to continually hone my skills, adapt my approach, and devise creative new solutions customized to each client’s unique real estate goals. Embracing change and staying on top of the latest industry trends is critical to maintaining a competitive edge, but my commitment to client care always remains the same: provide personalized attention, superior service, and valuable education to support clients in making informed decisions and achieving the best possible outcomes.

I’ve always been a freethinker with a keen eye for seeing new possibilities and spotting opportunities. I attribute much of my entrepreneurial spirit and professional drive to the values instilled during my upbringing. At age 12, my family moved to Paso Robles, where my parents encouraged me to carve out a niche for myself in the new rural setting. I excelled at raising livestock, so I channeled my aptitude and love of animals into studying animal husbandry before to embarking on a new business venture. As the owner of a deli for 6 years, I applied the same compassionate approach with people and gained invaluable experience dealing with a wide range of personality types, industries, and corporations. This was my first Real Estate transaction, selling my business myself.

When I transitioned into my real estate career, my background equipped me with the skills and experience I needed to flourish in this challenging arena. Clients need a broker who takes the time to listen and understand their needs so they can protect and promote their interests accordingly. At AD-VO-CATE Real Estate Partners, I work closely with each client to find the best solutions for their real estate goals. For buyers, this might mean conducting property research and analyzing market value to provide them with the information they need to negotiate effectively. To help sellers maximize their property’s value, AD-VO-CATE Real Estate Partners will educate them on current market trends and advise them on preparing their property to maximize their ROI (Return On Investment). I facilitate the sales process from start to finish, collaborating with referral partners and other service providers (title representatives, loan officers, home inspectors, etc.) and coordinating all aspects of your closing to ensure that the big day goes off without a hitch.

I believe in giving back to the Community from which I grew up in and now live. I am currently a Directer for the Templeton Chamber of Commerce and committee chair for TWIB (Templeton Women In Business).

If you’re considering a home sale or property purchase in the San Luis Obispo County area, AD-VO-CATE Real Estate Partners can assist you with all your real estate needs and guide you through your journey. Call or email me today to discover the power and peace of mind that comes with having an AD-VO-CATE in your corner.


Cell: 805-235-7698

Office: 805-434-9620