How to Maximize YOUR SDIRA or IRA To Build YOUR Retirement

Taking Advantage of YOUR Self-Directed IRA (SDIRAs) Did you know that you can take more control of your Self-Directed IRA? Your holding in a qualified Real Estate account can offer tax advantages that may not be found with traditional property purchases. What does this mean for you? Well how about the ability to receive a higher rate of return? Tell … Read More

Don’t Let an Inspection Become a Deal-Breaker

Prepping buyers and sellers for surprises can help keep a transaction on track. A home inspection gone awry can spell double trouble in a real estate transaction or how about the Pest Inspection. Sellers who believe they’ve kept their house in pristine condition might hit the roof when costly problems with the property are uncovered. And buyers—especially first-timers with no … Read More

Vesting Instructions & Amendments

The completion and accuracy of this form is very important. This will indicate to the Escrow Officer or Title Officer how title will be held to the property. ‘How you hold title to your property can have serious tax consequences. It is strongly recommended that you seek tax and / or legal counsel when completing this form’. The Escrow Officer … Read More

What is Escrow Part Two…

To complete the purchase of your home, you’ll have a major role to play throughout the escrow process. Your escrow officer will be required to follow the closing instructions and meet the requirements outlined in the sales contract you and the seller previously signed. It’s important to direct any questions regarding the escrow process to your escrow officer, and any … Read More