Common Title Problems

Have you ever wondered why you need title insurance? Title problems can surface after you close on your home and affect your homeownership rights. Some of the more common title problems include: Errors in public records, like a filing mistake or inaccuracy on a former deed Unknown liens resulting from unpaid debts of former owners Missing heirs who come forward … Read More

Vesting Instructions and Amendments

What you should know about Vesting *This video is specific to California. The completion and accuracy of this form is very important. This will indicate to the Escrow Officer or Title Officer how title will be held to the property. ‘How you hold title to your property can have serious tax consequences. It is strongly recommended that you seek tax … Read More

The Importance of Understanding the Preliminary Title Report

The Preliminary Title Report is of importance in all Real Estate transaction. It is the window into the past in regards to the property. The Prelim tells the story and will show liens and encumbrances on the title. Video courtesy of First American Title

What Is The Closing Disclosure

Buyer’s Closing Disclosure (CD) documents are now an important part of the final closing of a home sale. Buyer’s and Sellers should be aware of how this can affect your closing. To learn more watch the short video by clicking on the title.