SAN MIGUEL, California

San_Miguel_Mission San Miguel is …
Located just off of Hwy 101 in Northern San Luis Obispo County on the Central Coast of California. Being close to Camp Roberts many military families call San Miguel home. It’s most famous treasure is the Mission San Miguel Archangel.

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Brief History

San Miguel’s history lies with the Mission San Miguel Arcángel was founded on July 25, 1797 by the Franciscan order, on a site chosen specifically due to the large number of Salinan Indians that inhabited the area. The mission remains in use as a parish church to this day. The bells were vitally important to daily life at any mission. The bells were rung at mealtimes, to call the Mission residents to work and to religious services, during births and funerals, to signal the approach of a ship or returning missionary, and at other times; novices were instructed in the intricate rituals associated with the ringing the mission bells. he Mission was a stopping place for miners coming from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and was consequently was used as a saloon, dance hall, storeroom and living quarters.


The Mission San Miguel Archangel, greets visitors and locals when they first enter from the South. There are several wineries, olive groves, local restaurants in this small quaint town which is boarded by ranches, equestrian facilities and farms. The local park maintains a community pool for people of all ages to keep cool all summer long.