TEMPLETON, California

TFGrain Templeton is …
A small rural farming community between Paso Robles and Atascadero. Whether you’re looking to raise a family, enjoy a peaceful small town atmosphere or retire, you can find what suites your needs here. Saturdays you can find a bounty of local produce at the Farmers Market. The picture is of the Old Feed and Grain mill. The family patriarch, Tom was well known for is knowledge of animal nutrition and Templeton Feed is sold through the World. You will also find some of the best wines produced on the Westside and award winning Olive Oils… and we can’t forget to mention or Park where you will find lots of shade trees. 

Brief History

Established in 1886, Templeton was fathered by the railroad, built on the main highway between San Francisco and Los Angeles and in its heyday had a reputation for its saloon brawls and wild ‘n’ rough street scenes.

Knowing your neighbors and friendly smiles as  you go about your day in Templeton.  Home to Twin Cities Community Hospital, Ranches, Equestrian facilities, and Farms. Featuring Artisan Restaurants, Award winning Olive Oils and Wineries can be found throughout the Old Oak dotted countryside. You can enjoy your stay at anyone of the local B&B’s.

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