Karen Tallent ~ Purchased Investment Property

Thank You Karen for allowing me to be of Service!

 I recently completed my second transaction with AD-VO-CATE and Kat came through again. No detail ignored. Working the entire process through from beginning to end, complex issues were easily addressed. Having worked with Kat as a buyer on two entirely different properties now, I can confidently recommend her services. A true advocate for her clients.

Cody & Robin ~ Helped me buy a Home

Thank You Cody & Robin! It was a pleasure

Kat truly was a pleasure to work with! With how fast the market is moving here, here responsiveness made it easy for us to view listings and make an offer the same day. She kept in constant communication with us and the seller’s agent to continue the process forward. We stumbled upon her office by luck and we are thankful. I would definitely send my friends and family to her!

User 53643627 ~ Helped me buy a Home
 Thanks Kat for finding our home and encouraging us to just take a look, even though we were getting discouraged and ready to take a break. We appreciate your professionalism and friendliness and had a great experience as your clients.

Harry Friedman ~ Helped me buy a Home

Harry and JoJo - Napoleon Farms...

Harry and JoJo – Napoleon Farms..

Is looking for a house fun or a chore?? Simply put, Kat makes it fun. No wasted time, as she zeroes in on what you want. I looked at many houses because I am picky, plus I am not from the area. Kat showed more patience then I deserved. We rolled up on one house and in 5 minutes I said ” I’ll take it.. This is not the only reason to have Kat represent you but a bonus. Once you say OK she goes to work. Wow. Today buying a house is a difficult process. She knows so much it blows my mind. All the inspections and the loan and the escrow, my my. NO PROBLEM she knows the territory. 100% Super Professional. She was there every step of the way for me. She calmed me down when I needed it, and made me feel comfortable all the way. I am positive you could not do better. This is my 4th house and wish she was there on  the other 3.

Adrienne ~ Helped  me sell and buy a home
Kat helped me sell my old house 5 years ago. I recently moved back to the area and chose her to help me purchase my new home here. She was  amazing on both occasions. She always answers the phone or calls right back. she is very knowledgeable and up to date on everything real estate. I would definitely recommend her and if I ever need a realtor in the future, I will definitely be calling her!

M/M Drinkard ~ Helped me buy a Home
Kat has helped us with the sale of our home during a rough housing market time and had made that process much easier. She also helped us with the purchase of our new home. She is extremely knowledgeable and on top of everything!! Couldn’t ask for a better realtor!

F.carlberg ~ Helped me sell a Home
She ROCKS, thought of everything ahead of time. No surprises. Although she was our agent, she wanted the BEST for both us and the new buyer. Counting Kat and the new buyers we have made 3 new friends. Thanks, The Carlberg’s

Brent SOLD! Thank You

brent ~ Helped me buy a lot
I am a professional Home Builder; I have negotiated and purchased more than my share of properties. I am happy to say, I have a new Real Estate Agent, KATHERINE “KAT” BREIG

bc200747 ~ Helped me sell a Home
We had a home that was in trust and Katherine handled everything flawlessly. We don’t live in the area and Kat made the whole experience quick and easy!

Alana12 ~ Helped me sell a Short Sale lot
Kat helped me do a short sell on an empty lot in a newer neighborhood. She was very organized and skilled in the short sale processes. She was persistent in many attempts to work with the bank. And success was finally made. Thank you Katherine!

mnorkin ~ Helped me buy a Home
One word describes Kat; “Professional”. She may not always give you the answer you desire, but it will be the correct answer. She is all-about being truthful, straight-forward, honest, and protecting your interest; no smarmy answers, just all business and to protect you.
We purchased our first property in Templeton with her after going through several other agents that just wanted to make a sale and didn’t care what we really wanted. She was a breath of fresh-air when we were just about ready to give-up.
We are currently using her services for additional larger ranch land acquisition and she hit a perfect bulls-eye with each of her seven selections for us. After we purchase our next property addition, we intend on continuing with her, as she is someone that really listens to what YOU want and delivers without wasting your time.

Anne Stahl ~ Helped me buy a Home
Kat Breig is a truly amazing real estate broker. Without her I doubt I would have been able to sift through the very complicated process of buying this property, as there were many obstacles in the way – some anticipated, many unforeseeable. Kat is honest & knowledgeable, trustworthy and reliable, she is fun to work with and has tremendous experience in her field. If/when I’m looking for another home or office to buy, I hope I’ll be able to work with Kat again! Thumbs up all the way.